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Upon arrival please excuse yourself to the powder room to freshen up and place my donation in an unsealed item of your choice. For public settings, please gift me with a book, gift, or card containing my donation upon meeting. If you are using a different donation method other than cash; My reserve form has a spot for you to select which one you will be using so I am aware before your arrival. 


 *If I feel uncomfortable or as if my safety is at risk during our date please know I have the right to excuse myself without a refund.


In order to finalize a date with me, you must fill out my reserve form with a lite screening. All reserve forms get routed to my encrypted secured email in which I only have access to. This info is used ONLY to help me verify you for my safety purposes. 


If you don’t know your exact date you want to see me, but would like to prescreen for a faster future booking. Just select a random date on reserve form and let me know, “This is for prescreening.”

Verifying Options

References: Please provide me with the names, emails, and websites of two independent providers you've seen in the past six months. If you can not provide references then you may provide your LinkedIn with a photo of your business card or work badge to match.


*Please provide the full URL of your LinkedIn profile if you choose this option. 

Last option would be to provide a current photo ID or passport (cover address) with a selfie to match. 

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